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Moving Out and Moving Up

Michigan Creative

Relocating an entire business, mountains of video equipment and all, definitely doesn’t sound like much fun, right? Well, even though the actual moving process is kind of a pain, it means that your business is doing great! Moving to a new, bigger office is like getting to take over your older siblings bedroom (the bigger one, of course!) when they move out. You’re moving up in the world, your business is growing, and you’re just a happier person overall.

Right now all of us at Michigan Creative are in the process of doing just that; we are moving out of our little home here at the TIC in East Lansing and over to the NEO Center between here and Old Town!

As I was packing up all of the video equipment this morning, making a new inventory list and checklists, I thought about how that might be something helpful for everyone else to know (that doesn’t already). When you move to a new apartment, house, or wherever, you (and the rest of us, too!) are probably guilty of putting piles of maybe-related things into boxes, thinking you’ll either remember where you put it or “find it when I unpack”. Granted, there are a lot of people that actually are really organized and on top of things when moving, but most of us could use a little improvement.

Making a list of everything you pack up not only helps you remember where things are when you unpack, but it also helps you to make sure you actually have everything that you’re supposed to. We had some old checklists here of what is supposed to be in each of our video kits, so I redid those as I packed, checking things off as I found them, and adding anything to the lists that were missing. I noticed that there were a lot of things like USB cables, adapters, chargers, etc. that didn’t belong in a kit, but are still important to keep. So, I decided to make a full inventory list of ALL of the equipment. It took a while, but now we can be sure that nothing will get lost in the move and we can keep making the best content we possibly can to help YOU grow YOUR business!

See you soon at the new office, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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