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Marketing: How To Get It Right

Michigan Creatives strategizing to get it right

Exceptional marketing takes time, money, and hard work, so you want to get it right. Luckily, following an intentional process can increase your chances of marketing success. Here are four steps to include in your marketing strategy to make sure you get it right:

Master Your Message: 

Great marketing can allow thousands of potential clients to see your message, so make sure it’s what you mean to say. Before you do anything else, sit down with your team and be clear about what message you want to send, who you want to send it to, and the reaction you want to evoke. Be specific – it can help to create personas and realistic write-ups of ideal customers. Once you have identified your message, you can structure the rest of your marketing strategy around it. 

Find Your Pain Points: 

Finding your pain points isn’t the most exciting part of marketing, but it’s crucial to a successful plan. Consider the areas you see with little to no improvement. Can you get new customers regularly and retain existing ones? How are your finances from month to month? Do employees enjoy working for you and stay for a long time? By asking yourself the tough questions and reflecting on the honest answers, you can begin to find solutions. 

Solve Them: 

Now for the fun part – our favorite part – the solution. At Michigan Creative, we believe every problem has a solution, even if it seems impossible to find. What’s our secret? We ditch traditional ways of thinking and use a creative approach to attack the problem from all angles, even hidden ones that require some digging. Try it out! If you get stuck, we’re happy to help. 

Create a Plan: 

It’s finally time to create a plan! How can you solve your pain points while still holding to your message? Once you can answer this question, determine what steps you need to take to get there. Put those steps into a visual plan where everyone on your team can contribute. Make sure to implement accountability checks and SMART goals for each team member. 

Need help writing your message, identifying your pain points, finding creative solutions, or implementing a plan? At Michigan Creative, our multifaceted staff of creatives can help you along every step of the process, ensuring you get it right! Call us today!