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Love the Learnin’

Dev MC
Internship Michigan

The longer I intern here, the more I want to do.

The thing I love the most about interning at Michigan Creative is all the jobs I’m able to accomplish. It seems that everyday there’s at least one job for me to sink my teeth into, and I love it! It has definitely been a fun experience so far, and I love the people here. I know that I can ask any questions and will receive helpful answers because we care about helping each other grow. It is definitely worthwhile!

With all of the different opportunities I have while I’m here, I’m hoping to learn a lot from various people with various skill-sets. Video editing, filming, marketing… I’m not too hot on a few of these topics, but I hope to become at least a beginner by the time this summer is complete. As a Graphic Designer, I want to be able to help my clients in any way they need for their projects, and if that includes video editing, then I’ll do it. Besides, it seriously looks like a lot of fun to play with!

As July blooms, I hope the jobs and experiences continue to multiply as well. I love the opportunities I have to learn and flourish while here, and I can’t wait to continue to grow.