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Let Us Introduce Our Partner: SharpSpring

Michigan Creative
SharpSpring Video production

Michigan Creative recently partnered with a marketing automation platform called SharpSpring. You may ask what marketing automation is, exactly, and we’re here to answer your questions!

Marketing automation is a suite of tools used to drive more leads, convert those leads to sales, and demonstrate ROI.

In other words, it allows us to optimize each phase of your marketing funnel. Marketing automation drives more qualified leads and collects valuable sales intelligence to improve your closing rates.

So, why did we choose SharpSpring over the various other marketing automation platforms out there?

Among many other features, SharpSpring can double your leads using VisitorID, which identifies your “anonymous” visitors and tells your salespeople what the visitor is interested in, as well as provides contact information. This ability to segment customers and automate one-on-one communication drives more sales, while the analytics provided can help eliminate waste and prove ROI.

Here are just a few of the other key SharpSpring Features:

  • Email
    • Simple and easy-to-use email editor
    • Responsive templates for any device
    • Ability to create custom email templates
  • Forms
    • 3rd-party and native forms
    • Built-in dynamic form builder
    • Ability to create custom fields
  • Automation
    • Lead nurturing
    • Lead scoring
    • Dynamic lists
  • CRM
    • Smart emails
    • 3rd-party CRM integration
  • Analytics
    • Email analytics
    • Campaign tracking
    • Google AdWords integration ability
  • Platform Integration

    • 3rd-party CRM integration
    • Universal CMS compatibility
    • Ability to assign user roles

The features mentioned above are only a brief preview of what SharpSpring can bring to your business! As a SharpSpring partner, we can set your business up with marketing automation in a multitude of different ways to suit your marketing needs. After we set up your system, we will provide you with ongoing support and can also help you create blogs, white papers, emails and more to send out to your customers!

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-Marissa Katz