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    Marketing- Where The Learning Never Stops

    Michigan Creative
    Michigan Creative Marketing

    Ever since I decided to go into the advertising and marketing field, I have often been asked, “Why?” To be honest, it took me years, multiple years, to figure it out. I would come up with lame, non-specific answers like, “I just find it interesting,” or “I don’t really know.” I knew I enjoyed my college courses and the coursework, but it was not until recently, like only a couple of months ago recently (after I spent years and thousands of dollars learning about marketing), that I figured it out.

    Here’s what I came up with:

    You are continually learning about new subjects:

    One of the things I find most fascinating about marketing is that you are constantly learning about different topics. You don’t focus on one specific type of business or industry but rather work with a variety of clients. Being someone who worked a job doing the same thing, day after day, it is extremely refreshing being able to gain little pieces of knowledge from each client I have had the opportunity to work with at Michigan Creative. Some of the knowledge I have gathered while being here is information I would never have had the chance to learn going into any other field, which is very exciting considering I have only been here a short time!

    You are continually learning more about people:

    Not only are you learning about an array of different businesses, you also learn about people on a personal level. For me this is definitely one of the most intriguing aspects of marketing. To be honest, I have never fully considered myself a people person. As horrible as this may sound, I definitely preferred observing people rather than interacting with them. However, I have found myself coming out of my shell to learn as much as possible about an individual and their interests simply because I want to.

    You are continually learning how to appeal to people:

    While learning about new subjects and different people is great, I also really enjoy learning and researching how to reach out to a specific group of people within a target audience. To some it may sound boring thinking of demographics, life style habits, hobbies, etc., of a specific audience you are trying to reach out to, but I consider it a puzzle of sorts, and I love puzzles. If we can pair what we know with a specific tool to reach a specific set of people, everyone wins!

    So there it is. While it may have taken me until after I graduated with a bachelor’s degree to pin down why I chose advertising in the first place as my major of choice, I finally did it. And with full honesty.

    I look forward to learning more about myself, people and businesses as I continue to grow as someone working within the marketing realm.

    Emily at Michigan Creative