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Keeping A Level of Normalcy During Hard Times

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With “social distancing” underway and the new stay at home order, most of us are working from home and not really leaving our houses. Especially with the brutally cold winter, we’ve had it’s safe to say that a lot of us have cabin fever already. Just when we are teased with a little warm weather and sunshine, we become totally isolated as if the world is going to end. Thankfully, it’s more than likely not, but that’s a topic for another time. It can be very hard to keep a level of normalcy during hard times. But now, more than ever, it’s important that we do.

The panic is everywhere. We turn on the TV or social media, and a majority of our conversations are about the viral outbreak taking place across the world. One of the biggest impacts of the Coronavirus is that it is completely disrupting our regular routines. Everything is different. The kids are home because there is no school. Most of us are working from home if possible, and just about everything is closed. So, how do you keep that level of normalcy? Try your best to establish a solid routine for this temporary time at home. Easier said than done right? Don’t give up just yet.

Stay at homeCreate a small wellness plan for you and your family. Get up just as you would if you had to go into the office. Practice the same good hygiene and get dressed every day. Keep the kids busy with art projects and interactive games that help your kids stay busy while still learning. Practice gratitude that we have this time with our families because even though the situation is concerning, this is a time we can use to create memories. Spend time with your kids in the kitchen cooking up some fun and delicious meals. Not only can this be used as a learning session, but the kids will have a blast. Also, call and connect with friends- life isn’t so busy, so why not.

Take it a step further and use this time to stay on top of your 2020 health goals. Do some at-home exercises, this can be even more fun if you involve the kids. They’ll get to burn off some energy, and when has there ever been a better time to worry about your health? Think about it, you may come out of all of this bathing suit ready. Hello, bikini bod! It could also be fun to take the extra time to create some good and healthy habits or learn a new skill/craft. And, you can include the whole family. Take an hour away from electronics, kids, spouses, dog, and just be alone with a good book. Forget all the chaos that is happening around us. Take an hour for you to do something for you.

As I said earlier, this is temporary. Life will resume as normal eventually so it’s important to take this time and make the most of it. Even though a lot of us are going stir crazy, remind yourself this situation is short-lived. We will soon be back in our office chairs, enjoying delicious foods at our neighborhood eateries, and social isolation will be in the past. Remember to stay well, wash your hands, and keep life as normal as possible.