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Jack’s Trades and Square Tomato


Howdy All!

Jack here. Finally blogging and loving every minute of it!

Since this is my first blog, and might be just slightly overdue, I have a lot to cover. I will do my best to try and keep it brief.

So first things first… What do I do at Michigan Creative?

My answer: Depends. No not these

It depends on the hour and the day. I’m kind of all over the board.  In fact my job title, Jack of All Trades, was offered up as a joke but actually seems to fit. The original figure of speech actually went something like,

“Jack of all trades, master of none”,

but I much prefer the later interpretation,

Jack of all trades may be a master of integration, as such an individual knows enough  from many learned trades and skills to be able to bring his or her disciplines together in a  practical manner.”

And that is kind of where I see myself fitting in around here. An integrator. A little bit of this, a pinch of that. Much of the work I do revolves around some aspect of the web department, but I also seem to find myself doing a variety of random tasks or trades, if you will. While not 100% accurate, I believe this graphic sums it up nicely.


*Note: I do not have a sneaky little mustache. But one can dream right?


When I am not in the office, much of my time is spent on one of MC’s side companies that has been quietly brewing in the background for the last year. What began as a shared interest in growing, cooking, and eating of local food, has blossomed into a three way partnership and the birth of:


Code name: The Square Tomato.

Born:  April 28th, 2013

The Players: Brian Town, AJ Gunn, and myself.

Never fear we are not, I repeat, NOT getting into the “uniquely shaped produce industry”. Which by the way is a real thing.

The Square Tomato will be Lansing’s first mobile food trailer, offering ‘farm-to-table’ authentic wood fired pizzas. Many of the ingredients for our menu are grown locally on our farm, providing the highest nutrient dense and freshest options for our customers. Where ‘food miles’ shrink to ‘food minutes’. Our farm utilizes a combination of PermacultureBiointensive, and Deep Organic growing practices. The rest of the ingredients will be sourced from other local farms and Michigan businesses. Our target area will be Greater Lansing while focusing on farmers markets and other high foot traffic areas.

We are beyond ecstatic with our progress in this new direction and are working hard to become operational and bring you wood fired pizzas ASAP!

Much, much more to come on this topic…

But for now, I will leave you with the incredibly inspiring and tantalizingly delicious images documenting the rhythm and process of Anthony Mangieri, a noted pizzaiola who owned and operated Una Pizza Napolentana in New York City. We can only aspire to provide such beautiful and masterful work.

View Naturally Risen here



Have a great weekend! Ta ta for now.