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    It’s All About The Company Culture

    Company Culture

    Our core values are simple, detailed principles created around who we are as an organization, team and people. To our team, they are so much more than just words on a page or our website. They are the values and principles that drive our team and actions as a company. We utilize these core values for hiring, firing, reviews, raises, marketing and sales. Our core values at Michigan Creative do not talk about our customers or marketing. They talk about who we want to be as a company and who we want our team to be, inside and outside of work. For us, it’s all about the company culture, and here are a few ways we’ve helped craft that at Michigan Creative.

    Problem Solving

    Our team doesn’t stick with the usual one-leader to a group format. This ideology is boring, and in a creative world, that won’t survive. Every employee at Michigan Creative best represents our common goal, which has always been creative problem-solving. You won’t come up with new ideas in a stubborn mood. You’ll need a flow of different minds shouldering the weight so that the team never stops moving forward. At this point, every day becomes a fun challenge we know we can solve. Not only do we represent leaders in the business world, but we uphold this mentality in our usual day-to-day too. We want to be the person holding the door for you, greeting you with a smile, and making you smile with us.

    Different Perspectives

    We work in a field that thrives on new ideas which don’t come from old, single-minded mentalities. Everyone has a voice at Michigan Creative because we value every input. Your life experiences, personalities, and identities all have something to offer. We thrive on new perspectives. We must provide an open space for sharing the things we’re doing right and the things we can improve on. Every day we try to be better than we were the day before.

    Everyone Is a Friend

    When we’re in the office, we take the time to learn everyone’s unique personalities and respect their backgrounds. There will never be cubicles in our office because we enjoy each other’s company. Not a day goes by that there aren’t jokes tossed around the entire office. We want to make sure everyone feels included and at home. That means taking the time to develop strong bonds with our team. Michigan Creative is the type of group that stands together. We’re quick to lend a hand, a laugh, or an ear to make everyone around us feel comfortable. If you need more proof, ask Brian and Patrick! They helped get me back on the road when my car died on my way into the office.

    Make it a necessity to narrow down your core values and find ways to spark connections between your team. Know who you are as a company, team, and stand by that wholeheartedly. Once we figured that out that it’s all about the company culture, everything else started to fall into place for us at Michigan Creative. For more business tips, tricks, and trends, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative.