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Is Your Business on the Naughty or Nice List?


Every answer gives you points, add them up at the end of the quiz to figure out if your business made the nice list or is stuck on the naughty list!

1. When it comes to social media, you are:

A. Strictly business, a straightforward professional image

B. Mostly business, but a little personality won’t kill anyone right?

C. 100% open, honesty is key, if someone doesn’t like my posts I don’t want to work with them

2. An unhappy client approaches you about your business, you:

A.  Decide you are too busy to deal with one unhappy client when you have ten happy ones

B. Make sure your people apologize for the inconvenience for other clients to see on social media

C. Personally approach the unhappy client to apologize and offer to fix the situation within a reasonable agreement

3. One of your employees has been slacking in the office, you:

A. Ask to speak with that individual in private to ask if there is a reason they are struggling and how you can both work together to get back on to a better work ethic

B. Give that person space, they probably just need to time to catch up with their work, the problem will fix itself

C. Fire them, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

4. Your newest product/service is a hit, when a reporter asks, “How does it feel to be so successful?” you say:

A. Great, but I couldn’t have done it without my team’s help!

B. Great, my hard work has finally paid of!

C. Great, but there will always be another great product to beat out next!

5. The American Red Cross approaches you to be a sponsor for their blood drive, and if not, to send a donation, you:

A.  Forget to reply, the holidays are such a busy time of year

B. Kindly deny your attendance but donate a small sum

C. Get your whole team of employee’s to join instead of hosting a staff Christmas party


1. A(2) B(3) C(1)

2. A(1) B(2) C(3)

3. A(3) B(2) C(1)

4. A(3) B(1) C(2)

5. A(1) B(2) C(3)

0-5 Points, The Naughty List

Oh no! You made the naughty list! It is easy to get caught up in the growth and successes of your company, but don’t forget your ability to affect others can also have a positive effect on both yourself and your business!

5-10 Points, A Little Naughty & A Little Nice

Your business could be on either list! Try to make a New Years Resolution to give back just a little bit more and continue your hard work while keeping the need of your employees and community in mind!

10-15 Points,  The Nice List

Congratulations, your company made the nice list! We commend you on your ability to approach situations in a positive manner and keeping the image of your brand one that people will want to approach and invest in.

Happy Holidays!

Brandon Manson