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Did you know that if a goldfish and a person watch the same video, the goldfish may watch for longer? The average human attention span is about eight seconds, and it speaks to the importance of quality content.

Thanks to platforms like Youtube which allow their roughly one billion users to createas well as engage, people are critics more than ever. No audience will tough out 5 minutes of your 10 minute video if that time is irrelevant to the 6 minute mark.

Here are three ways for you to think about and improve your video content, so that your business may better grab the attention of your audience. We will assume certain aspects of videography are somewhat familiar, whether through personal experience or hiring a professional.

1) Shooting Takes Time

A natural step of videography is that you end up with more than you need. Videos may be designed through a script, but its not until that script comes to life with certain constraints that the importance of shooting becomes apparent. You may realize the hue of a shot is off, dialogue sounds bulky when read aloud or any number of other issues that cause expectation to meet reality. You will probably make changes on the fly.

The most important aspect is the editing process. You pick and choose which shots show the best story when aligned one after the other. You should shoot multiple shots of the same scene, even if you think a first take was the best take, because that may not be the best for what you need it to be.

2) Editing Takes More Time

One of the points of editing is to edit down. this means you want to film lots of content to find the right content, then discern what is necessary and unnecessary to the whole video. This is not always  easy, but the reality of content marketing is that content too long or redundant will either bore or frustrate your audience, which drives them to competitors. You only have around eight or so seconds to grab someone’s attention just to try and keep it later, so grab it by giving them what they want.

Remember that there are also times when you may want to add content. Videos are visually engaging tools so you want to make them as engaging as possible to keep attention. The thought to consider is to not get bogged down in details at every turn.

3) Embrace Feedback

Another important note of improving your video content is to allow space for feedback. Your team should all have in common the best interests of the business, so run ideas and results by them. Ask different members different questions and encourage criticism as well as praise. Here are example questions to consider:

-Is the intended message of this video clear?

-If you were unfamiliar with our services, what would you think of this content?

-Is there anything you think could be added to better engage you as a content engager?

-Do you notice something that does more harm than good?

Not only do these kinds of tactics provide better content, they  may inspire confidence and in your team that they can make a difference and help in ways not necessarily in the job title. This goes for your audience as well; encourage feedback with contact information or a survey if possible. The point is to take a proactive approach to feedback to know you have done all you can to better your business, which will better the future.

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