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The Importance of Strategy

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Strategy is, first of all, a state of mind, because a strategist is relentlessly and pragmatically results oriented. Strategy is the combination of attitudes, purposes, possible actions, and decisions bundled together as options for decision and implementation by management.  -Jim Lukaszewski.

Building a successful strategy is essential to both the long-term goals and short-term projects of any organization. Here are some tips for working on your strategy with both short term and long term applications.

1. Consistency

One of the biggest mistakes one can make with implementing a strategy is if all of the parts are not consistent. This can especially be true in the advertising world from either the agency side or the client side. Let’s say you are launching a new print campaign. For short-term consistency in strategy, all of the content you are producing needs to look similar and have a similar outcome desired. For long-term consistency, look at whether it matches your company’s long-term strategy. Does it continue the brand image created in the past, or will it confuse customers on your brand image?

2. Positioning

An effective strategy is going to differentiate your company or organization from your competitors. To do that you need to decide where you are going to position yourself in the market. When you are planning out your position, look at the needs of your customers and which customers are your target demographic. A great article to get more information on strategy and positioning is found here:  http://www.engr.mun.ca/~amyhsiao/strategy.pdf.

3. Strong Leadership

For a short term or long term strategy to succeed, there needs to be strong leadership. In the beginning of a strategy, everyone who is working together is most likely on the same page. As you create more content and as more creative concepts present themselves, having a strong leader to keep the strategy the same is beneficial. A good leader will know when to make tradeoffs in strategy; that being said, a poor leader will make too many tradeoffs that will cause inconsistency.


Those are some of the many tips that can help you to create and maintain strategies. For more information on a variety of business and marketing blog topics, stay tuned at https://michigancreate.wpengine.com/blog/.


Featured Image: Markus Spiske