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    “I’ll fix it in post!”

    Michigan Creative


    If you ever think “I’ll fix it in post”, about anything you shoot for anything, think again!

    When you’re out doing a shoot, it is so incredibly important to make sure you do everything you possibly can to give yourself amazing footage to work with later. I can personally say that there really is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to start editing, only to realize that perfect shot you thought you had, the one that you thought would look so cool and creative in your video, is shaky or blurry or something like that. It’s so disappointing when you get so excited about a certain shot you thought you captured perfectly, only to realize you need to use something completely different, especially when you don’t have an opportunity to go out and recreate it!

    With that said, being disappointed by one shot that didn’t turn out as anticipated is completely different from not putting in the extra time and effort during the shoot to produce the highest quality footage that you can. When you’re in a hurry it’s much easier to grab your camera without a tripod, zoom in and out quickly, only set up one light (or none) and just think, “no big deal, I’ll fix it later”. That’s actually the worst mindset you can have when going into a shoot. You’ll be upset with yourself if you have a shot that you can’t actually fix in post!

    More importantly, the shots that you took the time to make great in the first place always look better after the editing process than the ones that you actually had to fix. Even though it takes more time to have a great shoot and get quality footage, you end up saving yourself a ton of time in the end when you don’t have to “fix it in post”!

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