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I Don’t Need Video Because…

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How have you ended this sentence before?
“I don’t need video because…
‘it has nothing to do with my business.’
‘it’s not in the budget.’
‘we’re doing well enough without it.'”

Sound familiar?

I’m here to tell you why, if you’ve ever caught yourself saying, even thinking, any of these things, you need to rethink whether or not your business needs video. I’ll give you a hint… It does.

Let’s go over a few of the most common excuses I’ve heard as to why people think they don’t need video, and explain why they’re just that: excuses.

  1. “It has nothing to do with what my business does.”
    You run a great, local bakery; you have tons of business, loyal customers, and your little shop is doing quite well for itself. Someone new comes in one day and suggests you make a promotional video to draw in the college crowd down the road, but you think, “Video has nothing to do with a bakery. I’m doing fine without one.”
    The point isn’t that your bakery should be in the video production business, but rather use video to increase it’s own business.
    You don’t have to be a marketing or communications firm, or a Hollywood film producer, to make video work for your business. Yes you already have all of that great business and those loyal customers, but what harm could using a promo video to bring in even more, new, business do?
  2. “My small business can’t afford a quality video.”
    Yes, it can.
    “But how,” you ask?
    Not all video production costs an arm and a leg! Especially if you go local. A lot of times you’ll find small, local companies (even a lot of startups) that want nothing more than to help other small, local businesses succeed.
    Or, if you’ve got the equipment (this is very important – if you don’t have quality equipment, you won’t get a quality video), you can even choose to make your video yourself!
    Think about it this way: It may sometimes be a bit of a stretch to fit a video into your budget, but a successful video will produce a great return on investment. Worth it!
  3. “We’ve already got enough business, we don’t need to advertise for more.”
    Maybe that local bakery does have enough business and is making a great profit, but, like I said before, “what harm could using a promo video to bring in even more, new, business do?”
    Doesn’t everyone always want their business to continue to grow and be more and more successful? Video can do that!This last one is one the most common out of all the excuses for not having video, in my opinion.
  4. “I’ve never seen a video for another (insert business here).”
    So you’ve never seen a video for another bakery, why should you be the first (and only) one to make one? Why would you want to stand out from the rest of them?
    Why wouldn’t you?
    If no other bakeries in your area are producing video, that’s even more reason for you to do it! Being the only bakery with a promotional video, commercial, or whatever you decide, will help people remember your name.
    If someone wakes up thinking they’ll just have another plain bagel on their way out the door, chances are good they’ll change their mind when they see that delicious, fresh doughnut and hot coffee on a TV commercial between news spots! Bonus: the commercial was for your bakery, and showed your doughnuts (which is what they’re craving now), so that’s where they’re going to go!

No more excuses! You do need video, and we can help! Fill out the form below for more information.

– Alli Myers