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    How To Save Time Planning and Creating

    Save time planning and creating

    Almost everyone in a creative field or industry has a creative process, but that’s not to say it’s easy to find what works. If it’s not already defined, it becomes a struggle to figure out your process and maintain it as a practice for generating the next idea. Once something works, you’ve struck gold. You no longer have to stress over coming up with an answer out of thin air. You don’t have to waste any time taking missteps and guessing on something that won’t get you the results you need. Michigan Creative has found our creative process with the MC Greenprint, and with our help, your company can locate the most effective strategies in no time at all.


    Our MC Greenprint is a creative roadmap for our company to quickly understand who you are and what your business needs to reach your goals. It also helps our clients think of their company with a new frame of reference. Sometimes a change in perspective is all you need to generate unique ideas and find a plan that works.

    A plan allows you to visualize your target. Ever tried playing Stratego without a board? You need a map to plan the attack! Sometimes the effective strategy or great idea is right there inside your head, but you have tunnel-visioned on an aspect that doesn’t work as well. Something like the MC Greenprint gives you a more lucid and fuller scope of your mission and a roadmap on how to achieve it. An acknowledgment of weaknesses and strengths compared to your competition can be immensely useful for strategy building.


    Contrary to common belief, a template gives you more flexibility and room to play around with new ideas. You have more time and more mental bandwidth! When a plan places everything in front of you in one easy-to-read structure, you can see exactly what is working and what is not. Once you notice what’s beneficial and the path to success becomes clear, you can expand in an area you know will bring the best results. Whether you’re struggling with your brand identity, inbound marketing, or missed PR opportunities, we’ve got the blueprint to fix the problem fast. It’s hard to second-guess a working plan. Less second-guessing means you can continue forward without losing time or momentum.

    Goal Tracking

    Planning can also operate as a system for goal tracking. You can see the progress your company makes when there’s a solid plan in place. Everyone knows what to expect next. Are they making the necessary changes and achieving the goals you wish to accomplish? If not, a small part of the plan may need to be adjusted, but you don’t have to abandon the entire vehicle to your success. With an adjustment, everything falls back into place. 

    At Michigan Creative, we believe every problem has a solution, and we’ve created a process that helps generate those answers. We call it the MC Greenprint. To learn more about our creative strategy, MC Greenprint or stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and tips, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Creative.