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How To Market Your Video Blog

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Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

The trouble with creating video content is getting it out there for people to see. There is an abundance of content out there, so how do you market your video blog? How do you get people to choose yours over somebody else’s?

With a little planning and strategy you can set your video blog up to gain some starting views all while increasing its overall reach.

How do we do it?

Sometimes you are limited based on the resources that you have. That’s why it is always best to start with the tools that are already available to you.

Get talking!

Word of mouth is one of the strongest ways to spread content. You always hear people you are surrounded by talking about that new viral video going around. So why not utilize the people you know to help do this for your content as well! Co-workers, friends, and family can all help get that initial push of the content out there for people to hear about and see. Even if the video is not relevant to them, each view counts and will help!

Social media

Nowadays social media is becoming extremely important and relevant in the marketing world. Spreading your content over your social media pages is free, simple, and one of the easiest ways to reach a large audience quickly.

The best thing about posting on social media is that once you post it, it stays there. When it’s there for good, it can be shared and reposted, growing its reach even more.


You already have a website and a blog, so use those as tools for spreading your content too!

Adding your videos on your website in appropriate spots will allow for people to see them without even having to search! If they are pleased with the content presented to them, they might be more inclined to click through the video and explore more of your content.

If you have certain blogs whose content is related to your video, link to the video in the text to give the reader more content about the topic, as well as creating another avenue of traffic. When your blogs get shared, they will also be sharing the link to your video as well!

Call to action

You don’t want to present somebody with good information and then leave them hanging, wondering what to do next.

Give them a call to action, every time!

Whether it’s just to read one of your blogs, view a related page of your website, watch another video, or to download something, giving the viewer the motivation to do something at the end of your video will increase the chance of your content doing its job and getting them to do something more than just view your video!


Sometimes, your content might get lost in the wind. But that’s okay! Nowadays it is easier than ever to schedule content to automatically post for you.

For videos that you want to bring back to life, or ones that didn’t grab much attention the first time around, you can use software such as HootSuite. HootSuite will schedule them to post whenever you want, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Post automation like this will make your videos show up more often without being annoying and may grab their attention even more!

Don’t forget

Although all of these techniques will help when figuring out how to market your video blog, you must always remember that content is king!

If the content that you are trying to market is not of good quality and worthwhile to your customers then these techniques may not help! Make sure you first spend the time creating high quality video content which will be useful, informational, and enjoyable for the market you are trying to reach.

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