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How To Increase Video Content Traffic

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Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

In a world full of visual media, effective video content is extremely important in order to spread your message and achieve your business goals. If you use video, you need to use it well and with purpose to grab and keep your audience’s attention. Once you have good video content, the next step is understanding how to increase video content traffic, because a video that goes unseen wastes resources.

Here are a few simple thoughts to remember when working to increase traffic to your video content:


Titles are paramount to the success of increased traffic. The same principle applies to subject lines for email marketing. Your brand won’t go anywhere without a name for itself, and your video won’t get any views with a cumbersome title!

Keep titles succinct, but spark curiosity. An effective title does not confuse the viewer as to the purpose of the video, but does leave an incomplete thought in the mind of the viewer, leaving them wanting to learn more. This works whether the viewer already had an incomplete thought, and knew what they were looking for, or just stumbled upon your video with a title that made them curious enough to click the play button.

There are a few ways to frame an effective title, including but not limited to:

  • Instruction (ex: “How to Change Your Tire”)
  • Questions (ex: “Why Is Your Blood Red?”)
  • Lists (ex: “6 Ways To Open a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener”)

Remember that you want your title to supplement your video, not overtake it. If you write a controversial title and your video minimizes or ignores the implications of that title, it promotes mistrust with your audience. Make your title catchy, or witty when appropriate, but never a lie.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is always an issue to keep in mind. Everything you do needs to optimization, and this means keywords! Keywords are what your audience types in a search (on Google, for example) that causes your content to pop up before similar content. Some keywords are obvious; other times, you need to research how your audience searches for content similar to yours.

It’s important to relate keywords back to your video’s title; if you have an awesome title but no keywords relating to the content or brand, then no one will ever see that awesome video.


Word of mouth isn’t good enough when it comes to driving traffic to your video content, because not every video will gain a million views in 24 hours.

The most reliable source of promotion isn’t your audience, it’s you. Utilize social media and physical promotional materials to put your message out there.

Your Video

Once you get your audience to see your video, you want to retain them. That means your actual content must be worthwhile! Remember to keep your video content short and to the point, clear in message, and engaging to your audience. This is the largest asset in making sure you don’t just get traffic, but that you also increase and retain traffic.

If you’ve got great video content and need some help driving traffic, let us know! Or, if you’re just starting out and need help creating that great content, we can help you create your video! Fill out the form below for more information on what we can do for you.

– Kris Johnson