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How Long Should Your Video Be?

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Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

Long or short? That is the question.

Hopefully by now you know how important using video for you business is. If you don’t, you  should know that video will help your business connect with consumers in a more creative and engaging way. The next step is to actually create that content. There are a multitude of factors to consider when planning video production, one of the most important factors is the length of the video.

How long do you make your video? Is it better if it is shorter or if it is longer? One of the first things that a person is going to do when considering watching your video, is taking a quick look at the length. There are usually two different viewpoints on this.

It should be longer: Making your videos too short will make them feel  commercial, which turns people off,  they want to be informed and granted purposeful rich content.

It should be shorter: People crave the information they are searching for as soon as possible, they don’t want to watch long videos.

There are benefits and disadvantages to each choice when it comes to the length of your videos. You want your customers to want to view your video, but you also want them to get sufficient information from the video. Depending on the type of video content you are creating, you may want to choose one over the other.

Longer Videos

Longer length videos allow you to spend more time on a subject and give the viewers what they need. For example, for explanation videos, informational videos, or tutorials, a longer length might be more beneficial. These types of content take time to explain and present the information. Shortening the length on these types of videos would defeat the purpose. It won’t do any good to get somebody to click on your video if they don’t end up getting the information they are looking for from it.

Shorter Videos

On the other hand, shorter videos also give you some opportunities that long videos don’t. In today’s world content is king, and being able to browse and take in content quickly is what your audience is looking for.

With short videos, you can get a point across in a quick and effective way.

You can easily create short about video for your company that gives a brief and creative overview of what you do. A short video like that is easily watchable, easily sharable, and will attract more attention towards your company. You can pop small videos like this up for many different things for example; employee profile videos, “what we do”, our services, or even product demonstrations.

So Which One?

So it seems as if there isn’t one true answer to this question. Keep in mind that your video length should be determined by the type of content in the video as well as the target audience you are shooting for. Each one of your videos will be different based on the goal you are trying to achieve.

Now that you know that there are advantages and disadvantages to both ends of the video length spectrum, you can decide what is right for you!

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