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Having a Great Office Culture Rocks


Having a great office culture is something that not every business gets to experience. Being able to come into Michigan Creative every day and enjoy working with my boss and coworkers is such a blessing and for that I am very thankful!

Today I wanted to give everyone some insight on why we have such a great culture and what your business can do to have the same!

1. We can talk to each other about more than just work.

Many of us share our struggles and our successes and help each other through life. I consider every one of my coworkers, including my boss, to be good friends of mine. We are comfortable grabbing a beer after (or during) work and share a relationship that doesn’t end when we leave the NEO Center.

Working in this kind of environment not only makes it comfortable, it makes it enjoyable too! Each of us are excited to come into work every single day to contribute to such a great culture.

2. We have a slide in our office.

We do seriously do have a slide in our office, but that’s not the true point here. What I’m trying to exemplify is that we have a fun office culture. We believe that it’s okay to relax by playing with Play-Doh or participating in a rousing round of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. It’s okay to relax by watching some crazy YouTube video. It’s okay to read a book or do some sketching. It’s okay to have fun! No need for full suits and ties here; we believe in a comfortable and fun work environment where you don’t need to feel trapped by going to work everyday.


3. We understand that everyone has a life outside of work.

We are not your typical 9-5 business. Have a dentist appointment? Need to let your dog out in the middle of the day? Need to meet for a class project? No problem. Here at Michigan Creative we understand that all of our employees have lives and that they need to live them in order to be happy. Of course we all need to get work done and we certainly aren’t afraid to stay past 5pm to do so. But we know that a flexible schedule leads to happy employees!

Of course not all kinds of businesses can experience this kind of culture, but many industries could adopt some form of great office culture if they tried! In our experience, this kind of culture leads to an increase in productivity, motivation, and overall employee satisfaction.

What kind of office culture does your business have?

Until next time!


“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person are
more productive, more satisfied, and more fulfilled.” ~Anne M. Mulcachy