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Get Results From Facebook Ads On A Budget!

Michigan Creative
Michigan Creative

 First and foremost it goes without saying every business wants to advertise wisely, without spending large amounts of money on that advertising. A primitive step in gaining fruitful exposure is in the selection process, of a well-targeted audience. The ultimate goal of any business is to capture, inspire, and motivate their audience to act and stand behind their company. The following article will explain how to set up Facebook Ads, which will develop considerable results on a tight budget.

Goal Setting:

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training and frankly you shouldn’t! The same concept rings true when it comes to spending on Facebook advertising. Any business needs to consider its personal objectives for their ad campaign. After locating your goals, you can more swiftly determine your budget.


Building A Targeted Fan Base:

 Ultimately growing your company fan base, via Facebook is logical, in creating a targeted audience that identifies with your company. There are a magnitude of ways in which to target Facebook ads to grow your audience. First there is email, you can create a custom audience, you’ll want to go to your email lists and create a custom email list. There is also target website visitors and target interests, Facebook will give you an audience who have either expressed an interest or liked pages associated with your business’ audience. As a result of having a smaller budget, your business should focus on attracting those who know you best. Your targeted audience already identifies with you and this means they are most likely going to convert at a higher rate and lower cost than anyone else.


Content Promotion:

 We’ve about nailed “content is king” into the ground by now. But it could not be more true! If you plan on spending less on your Facebook ads, but want to grow your audience, you must put your best content out there. Promote, promote, promote! This can be done in various forms, through sharing articles or blog updates, written by your company. Sharing video on Facebook you will always want to make sure to keep it short and to the point, use a strong call to action, be sincere, entertaining and informative!


Boosting Conversions & Sales:

 It is no question that all businesses want to prevail and skip straight to the conversions, as a goal for their Facebook ads. However it is imperative to know your audience and target them in such a specific way as to be able to reel them in, in an authentic way. You don’t want to be pushy and you also want to convert leads into sales, so you have to be careful with your Facebook ads!



 As previously mentioned your business will want to promote! In particular if you’re a company with a smaller budget you should promote another local company, using your Facebook ads. Building a local fan base is an important step in your sales message for your fans. However as a local business you should limit those promotions to once a week. Generally speaking, its crucial to create an awareness of new products and services your company offers. This task allows your company to prosper while giving your fans value and not selling to them entirely. We all know a business wants to sell and make money, but your have to remember what you want to give to your audience and add value to their lives as well!


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