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    Get yourself out of a rut and start a roaring creative fire

    creative fire

    We’ve all been there. Everyone has felt, at one time or another, like there was no way we could do or create or write a single thing, like all brain function has been exhausted. We’ve all felt stuck, and that really stinks because that’s our job at it’s core at Michigan Creative.

    What can you do when you seemingly lose your spark forever? It’s certainly quite easy to sit, sulk and relish in our own pity-party. That’s okay to do for like, one second, but after that, it’s time to put on our adult pants and start crankin’ out more magic and fueling our creative fire.

    Lucky for you, MC has a few tricks up our sleeves to get ourselves, and you, out of that deep, dark hole of uncreativity.

    Get moving – seriously.

    It’s cliche and you’ve heard it before, but sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery. Get up, shake it out, stretch, get some fresh air, sweat your butt off at Bikram yoga, lift some heavy weights, or whatever else floats your boat and ignites your fire again. Move to a different part of the office, or even out of it. This is like setting out your firewood, and realizing that with a little bit of work, you could start a huge, red-hot fire of creativity.


    Use your mind in ways that don’t involve your work.

    Get your mind firing in other ways that inspire you, whatever that may be: coloring, writing for fun, meditating, or having new discussions with other creatives is like adding a little kindling to your newly built fire. At MC, we love having these discussions and fueling creative fires.


    Get away from your work for a bit & take a mental break.

    It might be an hour, a day, or even a week. Sometimes it takes a little break for your brain to be able to reset and recalibrate. This can help you remember why you love the work you do. The same goes for your creativity. This little break is like giving your sparked kindling a little oxygen and room to breathe.


    Change your direction – change your mindset.

    A slight change in direction can do wonders for reviving the creativity-fire inside you. Think about the passion and excitement you feel when you start something new, fun and unfamiliar. We try to bring that level of excitement and passion to the table every single day. Relaxing is like sprinkling firestarter on your smokey kindling, without being an overwhelming burst into flames (like you would, if you avoid relaxation). Sometimes it’s difficult, but remembering why you started and striving toward that initial excitement helps tremendously.


    Acknowledge the things that you’re grateful for – everyday.

    This can be tacked onto the last tip, but also does wonders when you’re lacking creativity or motivation. Remembering these things and implementing your gratitude into your work just might be the spark you need. Use that spark to produce your bright, hot fire of creativity and roll with it. Maybe even toast a couple of marshmallows.

    If all else fails, you should succumb to your pity-party and burrow into that sinking hole of uncreativity.