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Five Tips To Creating A Standout Blog

Michigan Creative
Five Tips to Create a Standout Blog

You’ve created a blog for your business and now find yourself thinking… what’s next? How can you be sure that you’re creating a standout blog in a space already so crowded with new blogs just like yours? Don’t worry, because with the help of Michigan Creative and this list of 5 great tips, your blog will be a standout in no time!

1. Write Fantastic Content

The type of content you provide is what keeps people coming back for more. In order to create fantastic content, you need to write about information that helps people solve problems, answer questions, or that provides new information. Creating great content is more than just a word count; you instead need to focus on writing something incredibly useful to your readers.

2. Get Connected

As a new blog, it’s important to create and maintain consistent traffic to your website. A great way to do this is to take advantage of social media by creating connections and relationships through your business’ social media profiles. You’ll be able to share your content and attract people to your newly formed blog. The relationships created through your social media profiles could also lead to free promotions for you down the road!

3. Have A Great Design

Your website’s design is the very first impression people will have of your company, and you want to make it a lasting, positive one. Your blog design should look professional and have a layout structured to the information so that it is easy to read. With our help, your blog can give that lasting, positive impression that brings readers back to your blog again and again.

4. Use Quality Images and Graphics

Blogging is just as visual as social media, so including images and graphics is extremely important. Using appealing images within your posts can lead to more sharing within social networks, and also allows your content to stand out once shared. People are naturally drawn to images before they’re drawn to words, so use your images to catch their attention and draw them in.

5. Take Advantage Of Your Strengths And Experiences

What unique experiences and knowledge do you have that others may not? Each blogger has their own unique strengths and experiences that they can share with their readers. Make use of your background to give your blog credibility, and consider teaching your readers how to not make any of the mistakes you may have made early in your business’s development. Just be yourself and try to teach your readers something new!

If you’re interested in making your blog stand out, we can help! Check us out at Michigan Creative to see what we can do for you!

– Marissa Katz