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Film is my Passion.

Michigan Creative

After 20 years in video production, I decided to go out on my own and start a full service marketing company. With all the new ideas and marketing tools I knew I had to learn, apply, and be able to provide for our clients, I was worried that my passion, film, may take a back seat. I always have wanted to be a film maker, a director, or a producer, but knew, to stay here, and make a living, I would have to branch out. Everyday I glance over at the movie posters in our office, my old film theory books, and the old film cameras on our shelves, and I long to make a film. What I came to relize is that the passion I had for film, is still there, and can be used in our videos that we provide for our clients. Video is simply used to tell a story, and film, at its heart, is just that. It has a begining, a middle, and an end. If it is a good film, it stays with you, and you think about it after you watch it. We have a staff that has that passion, and skill. So I guess, I have the perfect job. I get to tell stories about this great state, and all the great companies in it. If I do it right, they will all be short films, that stick with you, and get you to think about the companies we have, and to visit them, and to be proud to live in such a great state.