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Sio’s Dream: Fashionable Workwear for Videographers

Fashionable Workwear for Videographers

Here at Michigan Creative, we’re pretty relaxed about our dress code. Trying to tell a bunch of highly creative people that they have to dress in a suit and tie everyday would probably not go well at our office, but when I go out on a video shoot for clients, I always try to look my best and represent MC well.

Some days, I go out and interview a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, and some days I have to lay on the ground of a manufacturing plant to get the perfect shot of a machine, like the one we did below:


Some days, I do both of those things. Good luck with trying to put an outfit together that’s best for both, right?

The same goes right down to the shoes I choose. When I am shooting with a client for the first time, I want to dress well. But while I’m there, our team of female videographers needs to run around for hours getting footage. So, any sort of heel? Definitely not. Flats? They work, but also make for sore feet at the end of the day. Lately, I have been just wearing the most presentable sneakers I have, and just hoping nobody notices how badly they match my outfit.

So that’s why my dream is to create a fashion line for female videographers, but not really. I’m not the best fashionista. But I do think it would be cool if someone did. It’d be a fashion line that’s comfortable, but blends in with any business dress code, and still has kick-ass style that any team of female videographers would love.