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Creative Spaces in Michigan

Creative Spaces In Michigan: Lake Michigan

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit or live in Michigan, you’ll know that it’s booming with creative spaces and energy. Often you’ll find creative environments where you least expect, and the best places to start are your usual go-to’s. These are a few of my favorite places that I’m happy to share! 

Petoskey State Park, Petoskey

This one is a little close to home, literally! I grew up 5 minutes away! If you’ve ever been able to spend a day cooling off up north in Lake Michigan, then you know what a special place it is. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom, at nearly 20 feet deep! Whether it’s taking a quick trip to cool off or spending a weekend camping on the beach, the water will help clear your mind, making room for creative thoughts to flow freely. 

Masonic Temple, Detroit

This historic music venue, located in Detroit’s Cass Corridor, doesn’t seem like it would be conducive to deep, creative thought, but it’s quite the opposite. For me, at shows or concerts, the music combined with the ornate architecture sparks a wildfire of creativity. Check out their lineup of shows this summer! You’ll find someone you’re excited to see! 

Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, Copper Harbor 

Copper Harbor is the most northern part of Michigan. The drive up there is amazingly scenic and Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, located a few miles outside of Copper Harbor, makes all of the driving worth it. Riding the lift to the top of the ski hill feels like you’re traveling to the tip-of-the-world. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see for miles across Lac La Belle. Skiing offers a lot of time to think about future projects or creative endeavors because you spend half of your time on the ski lift. You have plenty of time to reflect, maybe on new and exciting projects, and the remaining time to think about the last time you were warm, which was probably the last time you were in that heated ski hut with a nice cup of hot chocolate. 

Kerrytown, Ann Arbor

I grew up visiting Karrytown’s enchanting brick roads and restaurants. Just a stone’s throw away from downtown Ann Arbor, Kerrytown has loads to offer. Start by grabbing a coffee and a pastry at Zingerman’s Delicatessen. Then, pop across the street and tour the farmer’s market. You’ll leave with the best tomatoes in the state and maybe a new scarf or plant! After that, take a walk around. You can find inspiration in art booths, outside on the building walls, and inside at one of the various galleries in the area. Kerrytown is not one to miss! 

Pictured Rocks Lake Shore, Munising 

A trip to Munising is a must-do activity when visiting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Home to the Pictured Rocks Lake Shore, you’ll find opportunities to take a kayak out and see the rocks yourself. The unusual sandstone formations are nature’s watercolors that you need to see to believe. Be inspired by what mother nature has to offer. Who knows! Maybe some time out on the water is just what you need to encourage a creative breakthrough. 

3rd Man Records, Detroit

Another favorite from Detroit’s Cass Corridor! 3rd Man Records is a record distribution center, photo studio, and record store wrapped into an inspiring shop. Take a tour of the mastering studio and the Third Man Pressing manufacturing facility to see how records are created. Enjoy the constant carousel of live musicians that play throughout the day. Inspiration comes easy in a creative environment like this. 

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll find that this list is just a list of some of my favorite places in Michigan. You’re most creative when you’re happy and comfortable in your environment. These spaces were a comfort for me, at one time or another, and I hope sometime in the future they’ll be the same for you. Looking for more ways to be creative? Stay up to date on the latest marketing, business, and leadership tips and trends by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, The Creative.