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Creative Collaboration In The Office

Michigan Creative
Creative Collaboration In The Office

“Look behind any creative success story and you’ll usually find a great team, a group of passionate people who raised each other’s game.” (Christian Jarrett)

Creative collaboration in the office here at Michigan Creative is key and I really don’t think I could find a more perfect quote to describe this company if I tried!

By this point, I’m sure you all already know the story of how Michigan Creative came to be.
You’ve probably seen a few blog posts here and there about our great office culture.
You know why we all love our jobs so much.
One thing we haven’t covered yet, however, is how and why all of our great employees are able to work so well together!

Working in a team is important in any work environment, but maybe even more so in a creative one. Think about it this way; have you ever been working on a logo, a video, a website, anything really, and just been completely stumped? Sure sometimes it helps to just walk away from it for a bit, but sometimes wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to turn around in your chair and ask another designer’s opinion on your color scheme? See how someone else would arrange that segment of the video? One of the greatest things about working in a creative environment with other creative people is that you can do that!

Did you know that simply working around others can boost your productivity, even if you aren’t actually working together?
Being in a place so focused on working together (we literally have a “co-working space”), the NEO Center, means that we always have members of our team around. We have web, video and graphics people all working in the same office space, all the time. Having such a mix of people working on different things helps boost the opportunity for creative collaboration; sometimes I’ll be working on a video and I’ll have people in the office watch it, even if they don’t do anything even slightly video-related, just for some outside perspective!

We’ve got a very well balanced team with a bunch of completely different personalities, which is good! I mean, how boring would it be if everyone around here was exactly the same? It has actually been shown that a good balance of varied types of people help improve the overall work environment.
The biggest way this is shown at Michigan Creative is when, like I said before, we need an outside opinion. For example if I ask Brian for his opinion on a video he might pick out little things that other people might not see, because he has a background in video. But if I were to ask Melissa to watch that same video, she would give me an idea of how people who aren’t trained in video might see it. I always get input from both of them, as well as from whoever else is in the office with me at the time, because it’s so helpful to have advice from different types of people with different backgrounds!

Plain and simple, Michigan Creative would not be where we are today if it weren’t for creative collaboration in the office. We are a great team and we are all incredibly passionate about what we do, which makes for a great work environment!

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– Alli Myers