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Creating Logos & Brands.

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Logos are all around us. If you pay attention while you’re walking, driving, or just sitting around you will see how everything has a logo or brand that you recognize. People who design have a process of how they create logos. They make sure that people will remember and be able to point out a logo they recognize. It doesn’t only help the designer but it helps the company too because people are more likely to buy and go to places that they know.

So, how do you create something original that stands out? And how do we create something quickly while retaining quality?

An effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message.

Five things a logo must be:

1. A logo must be simple

2. A logo must be memorable

3. A logo must be enduring

4. A logo must be versatile

5. A logo must be appropriate

Branding process guide:

– Design Brief- research the company and get to know what you are creating and what the client wants exactly.

– Research- collect information on the company and everything you need to know about them.

-Reference- look up similar companies to get ideas but never copy the ideas.

– Sketching- develop sketches after doing briefing and research.

-Reflection- take breaks every once in awhile and come back to your work and see how you feel about it.

-Presentation- show your client a few selected logos and get feedback and keep working until they are satisfied.

I am trying to follow all of these steps and tips to create a logo but I know it has been a little difficult to take my thoughts and sketches and put it on the computer. This is the process everyone will take in some way or another to complete the design process of creating logos. It takes time and hard work and lots of hours and if the client isn’t happy… you start again and keep going.

Always keeping in mind that the logo and branding needs to be able to be on social media, videos, apparel, signs, websites, business cards, and TV. We have to make sure while creating that we take those things into consideration. The color, the size, and the typography has to be simple but meaningful.

I am very happy and eager to proceed to be a Graphic Designer in the Lansing area and to create as many things as possible while I have the opportunities.





– Taylor