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    Core Values of a True MC: The Fifth Value


    If you have followed us long enough, you may know that here at Michigan Creative that we live by our core values. One thing you may not know is that we have a fifth core value. It’s more of an internal core value, but just like the others, we uphold and live by it. Be kind to yourself, mentally, and physically. Exercise, eat well, laugh hard, breathe, sleep, and stay hydrated. Remember that you are the reason we are here. By taking care of ourselves, we are then able to give our all to the things we do in our daily lives. We are able to be present and prioritize our family, work, friends, and other things that are important to us. So, we make it a point to live up to this core value just as much as the others.

    As humans, we thrive on setting achievable goals and accomplishing them. As a team, we work together to push ourselves and each other out of comfort zones. Getting out of your comfort zone is necessary to grow and make progress toward goals. The importance of staying motivated will not only keep your goals on track but will also help you succeed intrinsically in everyday life. Whether its personal or professional goals you have set, by setting these smaller goals, you are ultimately working towards your main goal.

    Be Open to Change

    When you put new aspirations into place, growth naturally follows. Pushing yourself maybe uncomfortable, but it is essential when it comes to getting closer toward your goals. It’s uncomfortable to be uncomfortable, but it’s essential for growth. So, as we move towards the end of the year, push yourself. Make it a goal of yours to make that nerve-racking sales call you’ve been putting off. Get outside of your comfort zone.

    “The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.” -Dan Stevens

    Increase in Efficiency

    Staying motivated in your goals will bring your business together and reduce lagging all around. Positivity is infectious, so is success. When you concentrate on things that keep you motivated, everyone around is able to benefit from that added motivation you give. Being a leader means making everyone around you better. By increasing efficiency in your own life and in the workplace, you are making not only your life better but your employees too.


    Along with our core values at Michigan Creative, self-care goes without saying. To be successful in the workplace, you first have to focus on yourself. By staying ambitious and open to continuously learning, you will naturally grow as a person, which will then directly transfer into your work. To achieve the big goals, you have to start from within and focus in on what you are interested in, the reward will follow. We tend to lead and sell better the more confident we are.

    In an ever-changing world, we are always living in the unknown. The only way to move forward with our goals is to stay motivated. By implementing this core value, we are able to concentrate and stay on track with our goals. In return, we feel we are more creative, successful, and happier, which shows in everything our team does.