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Connecting Through Video

The Value of a Brand Anthem Video

Video is an ever-changing and ever-growing means of communication and message-making. A well made video that relays your message correctly and has the possibility to connect you to any viewer. Are you looking to spark a feeling with your audience? Are you properly connecting through video to the right audience? With video, you can make your audience feel happy, sad or even excited. Video marketing should be utilized in your marketing plan because it could be a critical component to your company’s success.

There are many uses for video in marketing. For example, video is a great way to help people understand what it would be like to work for your company. Commercials and advertisements focus less on the product or service itself now than they did decades ago. Instead they emphasize more how the product or service is going to make you feel.

People create connections when they can connect emotion to certain faces, locations, and messages. If a video can relay and help viewers create those connections, then its message will come across more effectively. Video opens up a connection between you and your audience, which is why this can be a great tool to use in recruiting new talent. If you can sell your company through current employees, the more potential new hires will be able to form that connection and that desire to work for your company. An inspiring video is also a good means to boost company pride with your current employees. Use your employees to relay that sense of pride they feel working at your company.

The saying “a picture tells a thousand words” still holds up, but if a photo can tell a story and convey raw emotion, imagine what a video with some well-placed shots and music can do!