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Chloe’s first week at Michigan Creative

video production

I started my editing internship at Michigan Creative a little over a week ago, and already I get the sense that this will be a good fit for me. I’m a student at Michigan State, just finishing my junior year. My interests include my cat, binge-watching Netflix, and all things digital. Since this time next year I’ll be thrown into the big bad adult world with a piece of paper that tells people I’m qualified to do grown-up things, I knew I had to make this summer count.

I’ve had many an occupational crisis since starting college, trying to decide in such a short time what I want to do with myself after I graduate. First I wanted to be a journalist but realized I was terrified of being on camera and getting interviews. Then I wanted to work at a public relations agency but something still didn’t feel quite right. Then I wanted to work in social media, but last summer I was an intern at HOMTV where I realized social media is not my strong suit. Thankfully, that same summer I discovered video production and editing. I was assigned 30 second promotional spots, where I was given complete creative freedom as long as the message got across to the audience. I loved the process of taking an idea and turning it into a polished end product, complete with music and voiceover. As soon as I completed my first promo, I knew that video was what I wanted to do. Problem was, I was a communications major with a public relations minor, and had no time to switch course if I wanted to graduate on time. Therefore, any jobs in video that I wanted to get, I would have to qualify myself by means of gaining experience.

Armed with this knowledge during my internship search last semester, I networked at career fairs and had interviews with local production companies, but nothing seemed like quite the right fit. It was only after googling “video production in Lansing” that I discovered Michigan Creative. I did more research and was able to connect with our video production manager on LinkedIn, and we set up an interview. If this isn’t a testament to how useful LinkedIn can be I don’t know what is.

I’ve been at Michigan Creative a week and each time I’ve come in I’ve felt a sense of belonging, and at the end of the day I don’t want to go back to my part-time job in a coffee shop because I’m passionate about what I’m doing here. Now that I’m here I’m excited to take advantage of all the opportunities Michigan Creative offers me, and to really hone and better my skills in the field of production and editing.

Until next time!

~ Chloe

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