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Brand Messaging that Resonates

Michigan Creative

There’s a lot that goes into a brand message. And, it plays a larger role in the success of the overall brand than some are aware. What is a brand message? It is your company’s mission, and values distilled down to a core emotion that will resonate with your audiences on a deeper level. Your brand message should turn strangers into followers and followers into customers. Ideally, it will inspire, motivate, and connect your audience, leading them to become loyal customers.

You want a brand message that resonates. Your brand message should stand the test of time and grow with the company. This is why crafting a brand messaging can be daunting. From market research to other core components, a brand message gives your business an authentic voice. It’s a process to create a successful brand message. There are many factors at play from the research phase to the mission statement, core values, and tagline while also considering the differentiating factors and ensuring you’re still giving a clear message to your audience of exactly who your company is.


Once your market research is complete and you know who your target market is, you have to know what your mission is. Why does your business exist? For example, Kickstarter’s mission statement is “to help bring creative projects to life.” That is why this company exists. Mission statements tell the sole purpose of the company and can be used internally and externally.

Core Values

Next, it’s time to craft out the company’s core values. What do you and your company believe in? These Values help others recognize what it means to work with this company. Things like diversity or helping people are usually high on the list.


A tagline is going to be a catchphrase, a few words that should stick in your customer’s mind for days, months, even years! This is something they shouldn’t be able to shake, something that keeps coming back and reminding them that they want more. Whether it’s a call to action (“Just do it”), a lush feeling that washes over you (“because you’re worth it”), makes your mouth water (“I’m lovin’ it”), or motivates you (“The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”) it should be something that inspires something in your audience. It should move them. Motivate them. Challenge them. Make them crave something they don’t have – something only you can offer.

Differentiating Factor

The differentiating factor is probably one of the most important things anyone can do when crafting their messaging. There could be a thousand other companies like yours, but your differentiating factors are what is going to set you apart. These are what is going to give your brand value. Maybe your pricing, quality, ingredients, employees, or where you source your materials from are your differentiating factors. What is it that you do differently, and why does it matter? Once you find your differentiating factor, use it to help you stand out, and express how inimitable you are, how unique you are, as succinctly as possible. You may only have a moment of someone flipping channels, scrolling through social media, or skimming your website to make an impact.

Brand messaging matters. A brand message that resonates with your audience will help set your business up for success. Whether you’re trying to rebrand or figuring out your brand message for the first time, at Michigan Creative, we can help you get your brand message right.