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Start 2018 Off Right with a Brand Anthem Video!

brand anthem video

A brand anthem video. You know it when you see it, or rather, experience it. It’s the North Face video that makes you want to venture into the wilderness and explore the unknown. The Nike commercial that personifies its slogan and lights your inner fire to strive and achieve physical feats. General Electric hits you straight on with its “Ideas are Scary” advert which asks you to threaten the known and innovate beyond the norm. 

What these three videos have in common is that they all boil down the company’s mission into a single message in order to trigger something inside you and convey what their company is all about.


What a brand anthem video does for your company that other mediums seem to lack is that it brings your company’s story to life in a way that other mediums cannot. Think of it as shining a spotlight on the heart and soul of your company and personifying the essence of your mission statement. If you boil it all down, the goal of your brand anthem video is to elicit an emotional response from your target that results in a positive action on their part in connection with your company.


Essentially any type of business would benefit from a brand anthem video. You see them in every industry: sports teams, apparel companies, car manufacturers, even grocery stores. The types of videos you typically see are from big-name companies like the ones touched on earlier. However, even locally based companies benefit from brand anthem videos. Our work with the manufacturing and skilled trades industry is a great example. They use these videos for recruiting, trade show material, company training, and general marketing. They find that anyone from prospective employees, possible company mergers, partnering companies, and the general public all gain a better understanding and perspective about your company, what you do, and your impact on the public.


Companies make a brand anthem for a number of reasons. Below is a handful of top-of-mind reasons.

  • Put your mission statement in motion.
  • Brand anthem videos are important for anyone trying to make an emotional connection to their target market.
  • Inform the public about what your company is all about.
  • Arouse a conversation about your company.
  • Make AND keep your brand sticky in people’s minds.
  • If you rebrand your business, you gotta have a new brand anthem video which reflects the current state of your brand!
  • Responding to a PR issue.

While the reason is different for each business, the common theme is that of telling your brand story.


“Where” is kind of a loose term when discussing brand anthem videos, as it depends on various factors. You could go all out and pull a North Face by filming in multiple environments, keeping in mind that their whole brand is about pushing your limits via exploration, so various environments make sense. If keeping your video within a certain budget is in the conversation then all you have to do is get a little creative with your storyboard. Wherever the parameters may be, with proper planning and the proper company, you can produce an effective brand anthem video.


If you don’t already have a brand anthem video, you need one! If you went through a recent rebrand, you need one! If your previous brand anthem video doesn’t properly reflect the current state of your brand, you need one!

The most difficult part of communicating the value of a brand anthem video is the fact that you don’t need to be a large company to pursue a well-produced and value-communicating brand anthem video. It’s never a bad time to consider and seek consultation for this serious endeavor.

At Michigan Creative we live to create! If you have questions regarding this blog or how a brand anthem video would benefit your business, give us a call for a free and quick 15-minute phone call about how we can help your company achieve more in 2018!

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