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Avoiding a Branding Identity Crises.

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Brand Standards Guide: What is it?  

Certain companies come to mind when looking for a particular product or service, like Target or Walmart; likewise, most people can easily identify a Target branded message from a Walmart advertisement? Many can do this without needing to see things like the company’s logo. When we think of our favorite brands, we think of things like the coloring, theme, music, and style of these brands. We have certain expectations about what each company represents and is likely to deliver. Depending on what we are looking to purchase, one of these companies is more likely to come to mind.

A brand standards guide is a set of guidelines that help give a brand its unique identity.  It’s helpful to customers, clients, team workers, and employees to understand who a brand is; and for the employees to be clear about who they are representing professionally. Brand standards include external elements like the color scheme, themes, photos, logos, writing styles and patterns. Internally a brand is recognizable by its tone, purpose, mission, and feel.

Why Are Brand Standards Important?

Brand Standards are important for a company to maintain a purposeful identity with its target market. We all work very hard to deliver unique, high-quality goods and services, along with maintaining our good name with our customers. Your brand can easily get lost in the madness if consumers don’t recognize you right away because they are constantly bombarded with offers, messages, and images from various brands. Being consistent with seemingly small things like font style and the use of certain colors or lighting can go a long way in maintaining recognizability. When graphic design, content, and photography teams speak with one voice, targeted marketing flows easily. Consumers that recognize brands that they know, love, and trust to offer a consistent product, are primed to be able to receive newly developed information.

Michigan Creative works with companies of all sizes to help with branding strategies. We offer solutions to help streamline your current marketing strategies or help with development plans for the newer business.  Being intentional with how consumers view your company and your messages make your marketing efforts more efficient and stand out.