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5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

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5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

When it comes to ads on Facebook, it is a great way to reach a huge target audience if you know how to utilize the ads to most effective means. You need to discover a few things about Facebook and the FB ads you see on your newsfeed before you decide to advertise yourself there. Learning these options and facts behind the marketing giant that is Facebook, will help you to understand the best way to get the most out of your advertising budget on this site.

Here are a few main things you should know about advertising on Facebook.

Organic Reach is Reduced

The organic reach you may have had before on Facebook has been decreased. Your ads will no longer just appear in the newsfeed of potential clients as much as it once had before, unless it is a paid ad. The days of the organic ad reaching out to thousands is long gone as the newsfeed algorithms have changed as well. Paid ads are where it’s at if you want to guarantee the number of people you’re trying to reach on Facebook.

Set Some Goals

Before you begin advertising on Facebook, be sure to set yourself some goals for what you want your ad to accomplish. You want to make sure that you have an established goal in mind such as how many people you want to reach, how many clients you want to gain, and who exactly your target audience is.

Multiple Options and Purposes

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, there are multiple options you can use to reach your target audience. You can choose from lead generation, awareness of your brand, video views, and even page likes as your target for the ad itself. Whatever your goal is, whether to grow website conversions or gain page likes, you can accomplish it with these amazing options for your ad.

Target Ads by Tracking Likes

There is an option to target your ads to people who have liked pages and offerings similar to what you have. The downside to this is that people can choose to opt out of that tracking with privacy settings, so you may not want to use this as a sole target option.

Affordable and Options Growing

Facebook ads are very affordable and you can start the process for just $50. This gives you a way to market on the large social media site no matter what your marketing budget may currently be. If you’re trying to work with a modest budget, then start with a small ad and grow from there. See what your ad brings in and decide if you should go bigger or go a different route.

New options are also being discussed such as advertising through Messenger as well. This is still in the rumor stages and has not happened yet, but it will offer even more avenues of Facebook advertising options to those who want to jump on the social media bandwagon.

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