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5 Affordable, Creative, Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Michigan Creative

So Halloween is a week away and if you’re like me, you still have no idea what to be this year. Making your own costume can be strenuous and expensive, but nobody wants to show up to a party wearing a gaudy, Halloween outlet store bought costume! I am here to save your Halloween! Here is a list of my five favorite, affordable, do it yourself costume ideas for 2013, that will have the whole party talking about you!

1. 50 Shades of Grey            

For the bookworm who wants to express their love for this erotic novel without baring it all! Just grab some grey-scale facepaint, then hit up your local home improvement store and head straight to the paint department! This costume is an awesome conversation starter and expect to be in every tagged photo, come November!


2. 2013 VMA Miley Cyrus

On the otherhand, if you were totally looking for something risqué and the 50 Shades of Grey costume just didn’t cut it, throw on a nude bra and boy shorts, some bright red lipstick, and put your hair in some pigtail buns (or whatever you call those) and twerk the night away! Don’t forget the foam finger!


3. Government Shutdown

Still too much work? If you are feeling as lazy as the US Government, this costume is for you. Go to your local Halloween outlet store and pick up any political costume; Statue of Liberty, Barack Obama, Abe Lincoln, it really doesn’t matter. Then, head to any office supply store and buy a ‘Sorry We’re Closed’ sign to hang around your neck. This cheap, creative costume surely won’t be raising your debt ceiling!


4. Banksy Bouquet Thrower

Trying to make more of a radical political expression at your party and happen to be a fan of street art? Head to your local thrift store or go digging for some old clothes you don’t mind painting, and bring Banksy’s graffiti to life! All you need are a pair of white pants, a black jacket, black bandana, and hat. Then, just paint the respective shaded areas! Grab a colorful bouquet of flowers and some white facepaint and you’re good to go!


5. Jim Leyland

If you are a die hard Tigers fan and you’re upset that you can’t support them in the World Series this year, why not pay homage to Jimmy L., after he announced his retirement! Throw on a Tigers hat and jacket, dye your hair grey, and find a bushy grey moustache to match! To really push this costume over the top, draw on some deep-set wrinkles and carry around a fake cigarette!


Costume to Avoid: Walter White

If you want a unique costume this year, that really sets you apart from everybody else, stay away from Breaking Bad! Expect to see a handful of Walter Whites and Jesse Pinkmans at every Halloween gathering you attend! Whether it be hasmat suits and gasmasks or button ups and tighty whities, you wont be the only one rocking this look, take my word for it!


By josh