Update from Jessica

In Michigan Creative by Melissa Meschke

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Michigan Weather. Thankfully, our office is a delightful, air-conditioned oasis, but Brian promises a rooftop office in the next location, which I certainly want to make use of. He also promises to stop breaking desks, but so far he still doesn’t show signs of kicking the habit (re: Wednesday, 6/20/12, nearly ending up with a Brian+desk combo in my lap again).

I have been a busy little workerbee lately! I don’t know who decided that it was a good idea to take so many summer credits all at once, but they should probably have their head inspected. Okay, so it might have been me. This also means my time in the office is pretty packed! Right now I’m working on putting together more videos for the Michigan Oral Health Coalition, similar to this one:

And we also just had a shoot last Friday with Autographx. It was a lot of fun, and despite apparent attempts to destroy the GoPro, there were no casualties. As soon as that commercial is finished, we’ll put it up on the YouTube channel as always.

This weekend I’m going to go paintballing and I get to try out my new mask. I’m sure I will walk away with some rather colorful bruises as well …

Other than that, I’m looking forward to the Fourth of July already – I’m going to Torch Lake! I hear that National Geographic listed it in one of the top ten most beautiful lakes in the world or something, how awesome is that? Michigan rocks. How are you going to spend your Independence Day?

By Jack Cantlon