The Sales Mindset

The Sales Mindset

In Michigan Creative by Mike Kirk

The world of business is complex. But at the same time, it’s quite simple. When you break sales down, at its core, it is one person solving another person’s problems over and over again. The goal here is to be the one who solves the problem. To be that person, you must first go through a journey called sales. Selling isn’t an easy road to navigate, but luckily we’ve never been in a better position, for the digital world at least, to be successful. There are countless tools available, like Hubspot. But, be sure that you’re reaching your prospect at the right place with the right message at the right time. And, even with all the tools in the world, sales still remains a numbers game, and this game rewards those who put in the time and effort with a sales mindset.


Think of a sales mindset as a switch you can turn on and off. With sales, that selling mindset always has to be on. Train yourself to keep that switch on and become strategic in how you approach everyday conversations. A question most everyone asks when they meet someone new is, “What do you do for a living?” If you have your switch turned off, you hear a job title and company. But, with that sales mindset on, you hear untapped opportunities that unlocked new avenues for your business and others.


Depending on your industry, everyone you come in contact with has the potential to be a prospect. Having a firm grasp on the buyer personas and target market allows you to immediately weed out who is a prospect and who isn’t. Now, keep in mind that if someone isn’t a fit for the problem you solve that doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who is.


Don’t just have a sales mindset for yourself, but have one for those in your network. Take note of the problems people have like your clients, friends, colleagues, and other business owners.  Do you know someone who can fix that problem? I’m sure you do, but if solving problems is not actively on your mind then that means your switch is off.

Next time you meet someone, make sure your sales mindset is on and active. The next time you’re on social media or out networking, turn your sales mindset on. Better yet, just never turn it off.