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The Current Marketing Model is Broken

In Marketing by admin@michigancreative

If you’ve ever worked with a marketing agency then you understand the long and drawn-out process of submitting an RFP and waiting weeks. Then a meeting face-to-face for a pitch and presentation a fantastic proposal that’ll knock their socks off and wait some more. Then, you understand. If you haven’t, that’s even better. The current marketing model is broken. It’s time to revamp and restructure. Not exactly the entire model, but a crucial part.

Let’s start with the pitch. Most marketing companies come in and present amazing proposals with all the bells and whistles. But, our question has always been, how can you tell someone what you can do for their business if you don’t know their business? Here’s a simple answer, you can’t. At least, not effectively. So, for our clients to get the most out of our services, we take the time to learn what drives your business because that’s how we can reach our fullest potential in marketing your business.

It’s important to also stay upfront and honest with your potential clients. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for your company. This can be a hard statement to make, but sadly, it’s the truth. We constantly hear from other businesses that they once worked with a marketing agency that just didn’t work out and are scared to even go down that route again. Which further proves our point on why this model is broken. When pitching to a client, you so badly want their business that some are willing to say just about anything to get your business. Instead, we prefer to meet and discuss your pain points so we can learn exactly who you are. From here, we can then make a plan that fits your business goals.

It’s a new process, and we’re aware that change is hard. Think about it this way though, the world is advanced. We have the latest technology, top of the line equipment, and the best talent in the industry, yet this process has never really changed. The time has come where it needs to and that change is starting with Michigan Creative. This is why we all take our core values so seriously. We pride ourselves on listening and being excellent communicators. We are upfront and honest with our clients because we believe that is what’s best for them and for ourselves. Our team are experts on creative problem solving and because of these critical components of our business, we’re able to help others drive their business.

Whether you’re scared of working with another agency, or you have a marketing director already, reach out to us. Let’s chat some things through and see if you may be a good fit for us. We are always looking to create with new clients.