Small Business Showcase: Yoga State, East Lansing

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Welcome back to Michigan Creative’s small business showcase folks. Today we feature a campus favorite that has been popular since I started at MSU, and that is the lovely Yoga State yoga studio.


Founded by yogi Jen Hayes, Yoga State is a small yoga studio with 2 locations in both East Lansing and Okemos. We would specifically like to focus on the East Lansing studio, located on Grand River upstairs above Campus Street Sportswear. The studio features classes in various styles of yoga, (hot vinyasa being my my personal favorite), spinning, and spinyasa (a mix of the two).


Hot yoga includes yoga flows in about 100+ degree room temperatures. Hot temperatures calls for lots of sweat, which essentially cleanses your body of toxins. You are required to drink lots of water before, during, and after. This workout is a great way to concentrate on your mind and body for 1.5 hours. You practice deep breathing (a natural relaxer), mind and body control, physical strength, and balance.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Yoga State multiple times and one of my favorite classes is their $5 promo on Sunday’s nights. The last class I took with Brooke and was refreshingly cleansing, challenging, and entertaining. We had a great mix of men and women working together to center ourselves after a long week of class, work, and stress. One of the best things about doing yoga with Yoga State is their upbeat instructors and great taste in music during flows. While you are sweating it out and trying to balance on one leg with the older high in the air, the last thing you want to listen to is classical boring crap.


So next time your sitting on your butt watching TV and stressing about all the homework you should’ve done over the weekend instead of going to the bars, take a time-out and check out Yoga State – Mind, Body, and Soul. It will be the best 1.5 hours of your life….then you can start stressing again.

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Till next time!