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Melissa Meschke is Featured on Michigan Business Rap

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About Michigan Business Rap

Michigan Business Rap is a radio program which produces content that inspires ideas and helps move the business community forward. They bring Michigan business leaders together and have in-depth discussions that will educate and interest audiences.

Melissa Meschke the COO of Michigan Creative was a part of the discussion that was on entrepreneur Friday and was about building an iconic brand. Along with Melissa was Vic Verchereau from Farm Bureau Insurance, Chris Buck from CJ Buck Consulting, Jill Holden from Güd Marketing and Mark Clouse from The Eyde Company . They were all on the Michigan Business Rap on Apr. 21, 2017.

Building an Iconic Brand

During the discussion Melissa mentions that an iconic brand represents more than just a product or service. Iconic brands create unique experiences and have high customer satisfaction. Iconic brands are instantly recognizable and some of the brands that she talks about are McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Nike and Google.

Along with iconic brands is building a brand identity and strong brand values. A brand identity encompasses your brand and what people think or feel when they see your brand. The brand values are what you stand for which includes being true to who you are. The brand identity needs to be kept strong and customers should always be involved and engaged. It also includes typography and the colors that are used in the brands logo.

Brand loyalty is also important because you want to always keep your customers happy and satisfied. Listening closely to customers will lead you to creating a brand champion. One example of this is Harley Davidson fans that even put tattoos of the logo on their body. Customer satisfaction is essential to all brands and it would be smart to put yourself in your customers shoes. Recognize mistakes early and correct them quickly so that bad brand values are not spread.

Some other things to think about when building an iconic brand is to prepare for growth and keep up with technology and trends. Your people are your brand and employees are a beacon of your brand. Doing a brand audit will be able to figure out what you think your brand is and what customers think your brand is. Asking internal and external questions will help to figure out where there might be any gaps in the brand.

If you would like to listen to the full show about building an iconic brand, click here.

Where to Find Michigan Business Rap

You can listen to more of their shows and live broadcasts on There are a total of 149 episodes and they are definitely worth checking out. We recommend checking out the show with Brian Town which is all about developing a brand identity style guide.

You can also tune in Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on 92.1 FM in Lansing, Michigan. They are also on social media so check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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