In Michigan Creative by Melissa Meschke

Yes, I just used a hash tag as my blog post title. This pretty much sums up my experience as an intern for Michigan Creative Media. When you love the work you do, there is a sort of cool and confident swagger you carry with you. Every time I tweet about my current marketing/social media work, or being in the office, the hash tag #internswag usually follows.

Now that we have that all cleared up, I would like to share my thoughts of interning with the greatest marketing company to ever breech the streets of East Lansing. So far, my work has allowed me to pertain alarming amounts of information about dental health, entrepreneurship, and thought provoking message making. In other words, I am always learning new things with the different companies that I social media manage for. This is something that I find both challenging and rewarding.

The ever changing world of social media is like the fashion world. If you don’t push yourself to keep with the newest trends and stay creative with your wardrobe, your style becomes stale and boring with no attention grabbing appeal. That’s how social media works as well. We must keep up to date with the website’s newest applications, as well as being creative with our social media posts, to consistently engage our audience. This is one of the many things I am learning to progress in as I continue my work with Michigan Creative.

I am looking forward to learning even more!

Till next time,
Brandon Manson