Mary Konieczny

Mary Konieczny - Project ManagerMary Konieczny
Mary Konieczny
Project Manager

Mary (she/her) would’ve been burned at the stake during the Middle Ages due to being left handed. Mary has been an avid watch-wearer since 2009, and can be spotted using a lot of sidewalk chalk during the warmer months. She enjoys talking about guerrilla gardening, advocates for lemon zest in baked goods, and regrets not wearing earplugs at more concerts.

Favorite Place in MI The 9th floor of the Detroit Masonic TempleFavorite 90’s TV Show Neon Genesis EvangelionChildhood Goal Get rich by making the best ever bubblegum (abandoned)
Produce concerts and Music festivals (completed!)
3 Fun Skills 1. Experimental Bagel Maker.
2. Excellent at naming video game characters and pets.
3. Emergency DJ.