Julia Wixson

Julia Wixson - Project ManagerJulia WixsonJulia Wixson
Julia Wixson
Project Manager

Northern Michigan native, music enthusiast, horror movie connoisseur, tree hugger, dog lover. I love enjoying nature, especially with my pup as my sidekick. On my days off I can be found sunning at the beach or shredding on the slopes, depending on the season. Happy hour is my favorite hour and a good slice of pizza is the way to my heart.

Favorite Place in MI Cross Village -- Specifically Sturgeon Bay Favorite 90’s TV Show Rugrats and The Sopranos (only season 1 was in the ’90s but it’s too good not to say)Childhood Goal Be a drummer in a band 3 Fun Skills 1. Singing off-key
2. Binging a show in one sitting
3. Avid gardener